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Grandpa Remembers The Great Depression

The present recession has sometimes been compared to the ďGreat DepressionĒ of the 1930ís. Really, there is no comparison. The unemployment rate today is about 8-10% compared to the 25% that was reached in 1932. History seems to have forgotten so much about those days. For that reason, I decided to publish this work showing how one family survived those turbulent times as viewed by a 10-14 year old lad. There are thousands of tales of those times out there. We that lived through those times are becoming fewer each year. Each of us has a different tale. Letís not lose them. I beg you to tell your tale of those times. 2. I would hope and pray that this work would encourage others to write their memoirs. A memoir can take many different forms, mine is just one of many. Many community colleges offer courses in writing memoirs. Searching the Internet will lead a person to many helpful pages with tips on writing. Donít say you canít do that. Once you get started, youíll be surprised how easy it is. Whether you publish or not, write that memoir and have copies made at Kinkoís. You will be leaving an invaluable legacy to your grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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