Immigrant's Struggle in America

Immigrant's Struggle in America reveals the immigrants’ daily journey and how their lives are marked by distress. It also shows the difficulties encountered by these resilient people, who live and work in the United States. It conveys the admiration and love that the anguished immigrants nourish towards this country. It also reveals the pain of this hunted and humiliated people who are seeking a law that gives them rights and acknowledges their civil and human rights.

This book is an echo of a much greater scream. A quiet scream from millions of muted voices, begging for help. The voices of immigrants who live and work in the United States, flooded in silence, posed in the ghettos of the country.

This book is a summary of a micro study done for many years in the infinite immigrant communities. The conclusion would’ve been much better if the migratory reform had actually been approved.

The drama lived by the immigrants carries on, and the rocks found on their paths grow larger by the day. These pages are windows into the unknown reality, known only to immigrants themselves.

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