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PAINTOPIA - A Homeowners Paint Guide

Paintopia has been designed to be user friendly, based on the needs of customers. So many homeowners paint a room and later forget the color, only to find themselves frustrated with having to do a color match as their only option. How many of you have experienced that? How many stores did you have to visit to do a color match for your painted walls because the store that did the original color match could not match its own color? How many of you have had to cut a piece out of the wall and take it in for a color match and it still didn't turn out right?

This book keeps it simple and straight. You will have pages to list the room, paint manufacturer, finish, size of paint, wall trim, ceiling, accent and type of faux. Every home should have at least two books if you plan on selling your home. One for yourself and one to pass on to the new owner. I mention this because many of my clients sell their homes and loved a color they used in that home, but cannot remember what it was called. A second copy elevates this problem while giving the new homeowner a guide to your color scheme, it also gives you a reminder of your color scheme.

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