THIS FIRST PARAGRAPH PERTAINED TO FIRST PAYMENT WHICH WAS ALREADY MADE BY THE AUTHOR: This package includes edition and publication of Book and picture DVD, and everything that is included in the Upgraded package as stated at NGP website (25 free author copies, author website, amazon media and advertisement, google, froogle books, borders, NGP store and partners registration). The total of this package is 1,760 usd, where 1,000 is being paid now and the remainder before book is sent to print, which will conclude the balance for this service. (PAYMENT OF 1,000 HAS BEEN MADE BY AUTHOR)

SECOND PARAGRAPH: This 2nd paragraph pertains to the remainer balance and CURRENT payment of 765 included in this purchase item. By making this payment the author will zero his balance.

Third Pargraph: Included in the price of this item is the amount of $375 to pay for additional 25 books ordered by the author.

The 2 items stated in the 2nd and 3rd pghs above totals 1,140.00 usd.

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days